The first step

I believe, that everyone have their time in life. The problem is that we usually don’t see the right opportunities, because they are outside of our stereotypical notion. This is the first reason of making this blog. I hope I will prove, that thanks to hard work, and clear vision of my dreams – they become reality.

My dream is in most environments unusual – I wish to be professional Game Programmer. I have good experience in programming, and specialization in Databases, however this is different subject. I believe, that I have to prove a lot of skills – and not only programming ones ! Math, Physic, Programming, AI, Graphic Designing, Creativity, and much more – it would be around 15000 pages of information, and much more effort that I had in my life ! And then, in the end of road, I would be able to develop good games, I hope !

As I’ve mentioned before – there are a lot of new skills I need to achieve. And the best way of learning is sharing You knowledge, so this is second reason of writing this blog. Probably it won’t have any visitors, but if so – I hope they would show, which things might be made better or they would learn something new.

At this moment I am after first month of learning. I have chosen Direct X library, because companies I am interested use them. To learn I’ve collected a lot of books. For start there are two, which without remorse I can recommend:

  • Introdution to 3D Game Programming with Direct X 10 ( 11 ) by Frank D. Luna – each new topic has deep math explanation with great examples
  • The C ++ Programming Language Special Edition by Stroustrup – this book is not for everyone, because it has a lot of obsolete knowledge. I prefer to know what is going on on deeper level of abstraction, so I prefer this book for beginning. It might serve as Bible

So … in the end of this post I would share first video showing my monthly work. It is demo of my, at this moment very simple engine.


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